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Shamir Lentes semi-terminadas

Familia de lente: semi-terminados

Lentes semi-terminados

Lentes Progresivas y Ocupacionales:


Short (disponibilidad del producto)

Regular (disponibilidad del producto)

Studio (disponibilidad del producto)

Office (disponibilidad del producto)


Ideal como semi-terminados Freeform y para lentes monofocales de fabricación:
Shamir monofocal esférico (disponibilidad del producto)


Shamir Bifocal:
Flat Top D28 (disponibilidad del producto)






Shamir Eyal Ltd. Manufactures plastic optical lenses.


The Company believes the quality of the products and services it delivers, are the key to the Company’s success.
The Company seeks to continually improve its work processes and service delivery, in order to fulfill its customers requirements and expectations, while identifying opportunities and through risk-based thinking.
The Company considers the teamwork and the cooperation between the different entities within the Company and the Group, its customers and suppliers, to be a prime tool contributing toward maximizing its accomplishments.
The Company’s suppliers are a vital link in managing the Company’s quality policy.
We shall work together with them to develop their capacity to meet the quality requirements, the environmental requirements, and the health, safety and hygiene (HSE) requirements the Company will pose to them.
The organization shall work to increase awareness of minimizing the exploitation of natural resources (energy efficiency, recycling, etc.), of reducing and preventing environmental damage. The Company undertakes to uphold the applicable laws and regulations.

The Company works to expand the knowledge of both employees and managers in their fields, and it is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of managerial, professional and technological renewal.

The Company regards itself committed to cultivating the quality of its workmanship, its stewardship of the environment and of the working environment.

The Organization maintains a quality management system and an environmental management system and is certified according to international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004


By assimilating the overall quality policy we shall guarantee the Company’s viability for the benefit of its customers and our employees